World’s Best 50 Blogs To Get Influenced & Make Money

World’s Best And Powerful 50 Blogs To Get Influenced And Make Money

There are thousands of articles showing you how to make money via blogging in 2021 but here’s what makes this blog totally different;

I’m going to showcase top 50 blogs that are hand-picked to show you what you can learn from them. Well, each blog has its own story and has their separate battles to fight but they could inspire you, create a spark within you to start something or even portray how one can fight all odds and still find a way around things. 

The following chosen 50 blogs would take you into the world of not just ‘blogging’ but into the universe of ‘money blogging’ and we assure you, you wouldn’t want to take a U-turn after knowing the immense potential, possibilities, permutations and combinations. 

So without further adieu, let’s begin with the first one. 

  1. Remodelaholic

Commenced by Cassity, she uses her blog as a display of her creative urges. With a home full of creative and inquisitive minds, she uses this to post numerous DIY projects to remodel one’s own house.

  1. Penelope Trunk

A passionate writer and a founder of four startups, Penelope uses her experience over the years and her vision to create some brilliant educational pieces that simply do wonders over the web. The engagement on this blog is something to be inspired by. 

  1. The Gottman Institute

Founded by Julie and John Gottman, this couple has been rendering service through their blog, having more than 40+ years of experience in the field of relationships, love, sex and dating precisely.

  1. My Plastic Free Life

Beth started her blog as she wanted to make a difference and along the way very beautifully monetized it into a high-traffic blog. 

  1. TMZ

Launched in 2005, TMZ is the Internet’s premier destination blog for entertainment news covering a diverse range of media approaches like podcasts, gripping interviews, latest videos, photo galleries, and so on. 

  1. Bleacher Report

Through creative expression and their content, Bleacher Report aims to ignite and spread the infectious power of sports culture to deliver moments to their fans and audiences that will stay etched in their hearts forever. 

  1. Vogue

Founded in 1892, Vogue is indeed a fashion enthusiast’s bible and if you’re one, you know whom to follow. This influential lifestyle magazine is surely going to leave you bonkers with its awestruck publications. 

  1. Coinmonks

Coinmonks is a non-profit publication with the sole purpose to spread awareness. It is their motto to help bitcoin enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with the latest industry updates and news from the booming, bitcoin industry. 

  1. People

From the most interesting celebrity news to crime and movies and politics and a glimpse into the royal world, ‘People’ is definitely an allrounder and a blog you’d enjoy following if you like a bit of all. 

  1. Hand Luggage Only

Started by college going duo Yaya and Loyd, Hand Luggage Only is a travel blog that with very minimal investment has done sponsorships for well-known brands and companies. 

  1. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is one of the biggest female-focused brands taking long strides to bombard with you unique, funny, and quirky intel. This blog is a must to follow especially if you’re a millennial and you can thank us later. 

  1. Wired

The correlation of upcoming technology and the world of automation with regards to different fields such as politics, education, work culture, business, etc is the USP at Wired. Their blogs prove to be a great boon that depicts current and future trends. 

  1. The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer is a uniquely designed blog especially for enthusiastic and avid photographers. From educational articles to in-depth product reviews, Chris has monetized his blog indeed cleverly.

  1. 90min

90min is the world’s largest football community and the go-to blog for all football lovers and enthusiasts. This website is delivering authentic, fresh perspective and real content to more than 50 million fans globally. 

  1. Wolf’s Gaming Blog

Since the age of seven, Ronnie has been gaming and even documenting his work religiously. He promises honest reviews and tolerates no bullshit just to promote for the sake of promoting and that’s what keeps his readers engrossed every single time.

  1. CNET

Apart from news and other content. CNET is famous for its product review guides extensively across the globe. Tracking consumer tech breakthroughs and providing information and crucial advice on the ‘know-how’ in various categories will surely enrich your life for the better. 

  1. Entrepreneur

As the name suggests, the Entrepreneur blog is the ultimate destination for budding as well as rising entrepreneurs. This is the website where you would find startup guides, informative podcasts, enriching articles, thought-provoking books, new editions, magazines and so much more. 

  1. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness, with its power of words and authenticity, forces all the nerd and lazy people to incorporate fitness into their lifestyles and encourage home workouts. Led by an award-winning fitness trainer, Jim Bathrust, is making a difference in his own way.

  1. E! News

At E! News you would find mind-blowing rumors, live episodes, celebrity gossip, and exclusive interviews coming straight from Hollywood to give you the daily capsule of entertainment you need. 

  1. Business Insider


With more than a 25million monthly readers, Business Insider is a source with great appeal and relevance with changing times. From creative exchanges to lifestyle concepts; from entrepreneurial initiatives to the country’s business heavyweights; it covers it all. 

  1. Billboard

One of the most reliable and trusted sources for the music industry, Billboard delivers breakthroughs, exciting news and has experts breaking it down just for you. 

  1. Elle

Elle is a gameplayer in featuring fashion trends, the beauty industry, art, design, and it covers an array of different topics in its magazine and publications.

  1. The Athletic

The Athletic provides a subscription for detailed sports news and features, a dedicated podcast for all its sports avid fans and lovers that is enthralling to follow. 

  1. GQ

With over 12.3M Monthly readers, GQ is on a mission to influence and inspire Australian men in rediscovering and carving a successful future for themselves. 

  1. HotNewHipHop

As the name suggests, HotNewHiphop is the prime destination for hip hop music and promoting the overall culture. They’re on a journey to empower and uplift artists by showcasing their musical talents to die-hard hip hop fans. 

  1. PitchFork

Without any distraction by ads or any click baits, the pitchfork is the ideal place to stream music and also features useful recommendations or reviews of the latest jams in the industry. 

  1. Mashable

A multimedia platform, Mashable has captured the eyeballs of people globally and is the go-to platform for tons of entertainment and digital culture content that people resonate with across the globe. 

  1. Men’s Health

Men’s Health is one of the most dominating magazines dedicated to men in society. From fashion to nutrition; from lifestyle to grooming; from cutting-edge tech to entertainment; they have it all covered. 

  1. Fashionista

Fashionista is indeed an agenda-setter and sets the whole tone and mood for the entire fashion industry. Their readership of more than 2.5 million readers and counting are proof of their dynamic content. 

  1. Esquire

An indeed trusted source and a platform working relentlessly hard to deliver content completely out of the box is a summary that does justice to the blog – Esquire. 

  1. ZDNET

If you’re an IT professional or a decision-maker, ZDNET is the blog you cannot miss out on.

Founded almost 30 years ago, its length, breadth, and research on the latest IT trends, issues, and events are simply amazing. 

  1. RollingStone

RollingStone is one of the most comprehensive and holistic blogs that features news coverage across fields such as music, television, reviewing albums, politics, interactive magazine content, and so on. 

  1.  AutoBlog

AutoBlog is the perfect blog for you to keep an eye on especially if you are looking to buy a new or even a used car. In-depth articles, extensive car reviews, picture galleries, and detailed videos covering what’s going on in the auto industry, AutoBlog, would act as the perfect guide to help compare vehicles or find a nearby dealer.

  1. PAPER

A NewYork based independent magazine, PAPER, is the ultimate inspiration you need regarding nightlife, popular culture, fashion, and art as a whole. 

  1. Say Yes

Created by Liz Stanley in 2006, Say Yes, gives a completely positive and affirming vibe with the blog, offering advice from a vast array of topics in life. 

  1. Rookie Moms

Rookie Mom is a superbly well-built blog for all the new moms in town. Everything from the best products in the market to interesting activities that you could indulge yourself in: this blog has it all. 

  1. Fit Bottomed Girls

Commenced by two certified fitness professionals, Fit Bottomed Girls is all about body positivity and how one should embrace their size and shape. From a blog to a podcast and a book, they have indeed changed with the changing dynamics in life. 

  1. Travels Of Adam

Adam has a travel blog named ‘Travels Of Adam’ that boldly depicts the professional gay traveler within himself and documents his fun trips as well as invaluable recommendations that keep his readers engrossed. 

  1. What’s Eric Playing

What’s Eric Playing is a blog dedicated to the entertainment industry which ardently reviews different board games and shares his personal valuable opinion. 

  1. Going Zero Waste

If you want to join an eco-friendly or sustainable movement, Going Zero Waste has an enticing and inspiring blog that showcases the different ways you can incorporate them into your lives. 

  1. Crated With Love

Started by a married couple, Crated With Love is all about love and relationships. Their blog deals with their personal experiences and advice or recommendations they have to offer for their readers. 

  1. Collective Gen

The blog, Collective Gen, displays a variety of DIY projects for the creative geniuses within you, and Geneva Vanderzeil is the man of the match behind this game. Her thoughts and ideas regarding style, life, and homes are pretty inspiring. 

  1. 1x

With the vision of gathering the best photography in the world, the blog of 1x interestingly engages its audience with creative contests, techniques, and knowledge about the industry that compels a person to follow. 

  1. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness, with its power of words and authenticity, forces all the nerd and lazy people to incorporate fitness into their lifestyles and encourage home workouts. Led by an award-winning fitness trainer, Jim Bathrust, is making a difference in his own way.

  1. Megan The Vegan Mom

As the name suggests, Megan is a strong advocate of veganism and blogs her daily life as a vegan mom. 

  1. Our Food Stories

A duo, wherein one loves to cook and one enjoys clicking, started a food blog with the sole purpose to channelize her food allergies into something productive and it can be seen in their drooling blog work.

  1. Color Me Courtney

Color Me Courtney is a blog catering to A-Z about beauty and makeup. An artist from New York, she shares her journey and life on the blog with various helpful tutorials as well.

  1. Helen In Wonderlust

An avid traveler, writer, and professional yogi; Helen makes a quirky and sassy amalgamation of her interests into curating a fun blog that people can’t skip to read.

  1. Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger is the ultimate platform for getting ideas, taking practical initiatives, and doing something towards the green and sustainable life we all want. It offers solutions that leave us pondering and glued to the blog.

  1. Love And Life Toolbox

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Founded by Lisa Brookes Kift, a family therapist, she unboxes hacks and shortcuts to a happy state of being, helping transform the emotional health of millions. 

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