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IDK has been tears lately. It seems that the rapper wants to use its own dynamics, taking on Twitter to announce a few upcoming projects. Although we will not get his new solo album this year, IDK will actually provide something else that will stop us. “My album” Is He Real “does not drop until 2019”, writes IDK, giving us the title of his upcoming venture, “but at 11/9 me and 7 of my friends will give you #IDKANDFRIENDS.” Unfortunately, we are not entirely sure who creates this circle, although we can give some educated guesses. Firstly, IDK and Maxo Kream recently joined, to drop the “morals”, likely contender to do so. We also know that IDK was noticed in the studio with Denzel Curry, a partnership that recently came to fruition with the accumulated “Please Forgive”. Either way, we’re excited to see what comes IDK.

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